If you are going to build a new website for your business, which platform will give the best SEO benefits?

Which Platform Will Provide The Best SEO For Your Business?

Without question, one of the most effective avenue to market your business these days is the internet. With a well-run website and a strong social media campaign, you can appeal to a much wider audience overall. With search engines continually doing more to offer the best possible local results, there’s no better time to make yourself available to people that are searching for services or products akin to what you have available. The only way to reliably gain anyone’s attention however is through search engine optimisation.

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SEO is a practice that assures every single page of your website (as well as its content) is targeted towards specific keywords and phrases. If you’re running a local business like guitar repair shop, your corresponding website needs to be optimised to the point that potential customers in need of your services will find it as close to the top of their search engine results as possible. To enjoy these type of benefits from SEO however, you’re going to need a considerable amount of prep work.

As the curator of your site, you’re going to face many questions when it comes to guaranteeing an effective SEO campaign. One of the most essential is deciding upon a platform for the website. There are several choices, but two in particular tend to stick out to new webmasters: Blogspot and WordPress. Which of the two will give the best SEO benefits?

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If you’re catering your site towards Google in particular, you may be compelled to try Blogspot. Google will naturally push Blogspot hosted sites in searches since they own the platform. WordPress has several advantages however. First of all, it’s much easier to make a WordPress website look appealing to the eye, an aspect that’s crucial for keeping visitors on the page once they visit. After you own your own domain and web space, your images will also lead to your .com name, giving it a further SEO boost. Images uploaded to Blogspot always carry the “blogspot.com” URL, considerably hurting your brand in image searches.

The choice is yours, and any platform can be made to work. WordPress is the natural choice if you want the best looking site with the least amount of work however. With any other platform, you’ll always be playing catch-up at this point.